About the Ten Toe Express® Program

The Ten Toe Express® is a walking program that links MetroLink & MetroBus with your own Ten Toes to explore St. Louis & step your way to a healthier you.

Program History

The popular Ten Toe Express® Program started in 2007 and has introduced more than 8,000 seniors to the region’s transit system and the places they can go using it. There are 7 volunteer led walking groups that go out each week and explore the city. Each walk leader takes their own unique approach to the program, making each group distinctive, interesting, and fun. If you are interested in learning more about the walking groups, visit the Walking Group page of this website.

Community Response

CMT receives positive feedback about the Ten Toe Express® Program regularly, but the success of the program is due to the incredible leadership of our volunteer walk leaders.  Mary Fran Balmer, Mary Blaies, Sara Feagans, Charlene Wall, Marilyn Turner, Rick Rosen, Donna Pflanz are the people who have made this program a success. Take it from Ten Toes Participant, Mary Jung:

I have been a part of the 10 Toes Program since the Spring 2008 session. I had recently retired and was looking for something to do. It has been so amazing I don’t know where to start.

First off I have learned how to get around using Metrolink. Though I live out in Jefferson County it’s just a hop to the Shrewsbury Station where I catch the train. It’s much easier than driving to the events around town.

Second the program has got me moving. Besides the several miles we cover on our walks it also gets me off the couch & out of the house. I have made so many wonderful friends.

Lastly I have seen so many great things around town. I have lived in St. Louis my whole life but have discovered many new things that I never realized were here. The walk leaders put great effort into making our walks interesting.

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Volunteer Walk Leaders

CMT could not run the Ten Toe Express® without the incredible leadership of their volunteer walk leaders. Walk leaders research and pick walk destinations, organize interesting presentations for the walks, route the walk, and lead a group every week.

If you are interested in leading a walk group, contact CMT today to learn more – info@cmt-stl.org.

Interested in setting up a walking program tied to public transit in your region?

tentoesbrochureIf you are a regional public transit administrator or in public health and fitness, Citizens for Modern Transit can help you set up a similar program for your region. Start by downloading our brochure: Ten Toe Express® Walk Guide to see an outline on how it can be done. We would be glad to discuss with you how we can help get things moving, from grant writing to administration and website setup. Give us a call at 314.231.7272.